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Car brakes go on automatically when high speeds are reached
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When you reach a certain speed in a car, the brakes will suddenly go off and slow the car down to roughly 80kph.
What a buzzkill!


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As far as I know Stratis lacks the roads required to push your car up to these speeds, which is probably why this went unnoticed. You can easily reproduce this on the main roads of Takistan using All in Arma.

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Yeah. Noticed it yesterday. You can easily reproduce it on the airstrip too. Once the cars reach around 120, they automaticly hit the brakes and slow down.

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This is a duplicate of
Also, it doesn't apply to all cars in the game.

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It's not really the brakes. It seem like you're maxing our top gear and it locks up.

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this is on the quadbike also! ANNOYING like f***!!

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There is a top speed for vehicles and I do not see anything wrong within it.
And yes, it is the brakes, because you can hear them screeching. It is no speed gouvernor nor cruise control, the vehicle is braking.

Also, it doesn't happen to every car, e.g. unarmed Hunter is not affected by this, see other bug report (let's see which one makes the race ;D)

I just tried it with the unarmed Hunter, it slams the brakes at around 120.

huorn added a comment.Apr 22 2013, 1:24 PM

@RasdenFasden: Strange. Not for me though, using the latest stable alpha build.

huorn added a comment.Apr 22 2013, 1:28 PM

Just tested again with unarmed Hunter.
@RasdenFasden: What have you done to accelerate it to 120kph? Top speed I could get on the runway was 116kph.
Were you driving downhill?

I was driving on a sloped road in Takistan using All in Arma.

Not to be pedantic, but, the sound you are talking about is the sound of tires losing traction. Yes, the vehicle does seem to brake suddenly at high speed, but as it happens at very high speed it seems like a limiter that is poorly implemented and causing sudden deceleration.

It doesn't matter what we call it as long as the dev team gets to the bottom of it.

i notice this in the first arma 3 alpha release, in the airstrip trying to see the hunter max speed

huorn added a comment.Apr 23 2013, 6:11 PM


not to be pedantic, but you can actually see the car braking. For instance, when you drive on flat ground like the runway, you can watch the chassis going down a bit to the ground, because the car looses speed immediately. That won't happen when the car just looses friction.

Look man, the car decelerates, yes. I'm not arguing that. The point I'm making here is the sound you hear is not brakes its tires on pavement. It's already established that the tires on pavement sound is played no matter what surface the vehicle is on. Sand grass Tarmac whatever. So...

Unless you see brake lights when this thing happens its not braking but a limiter not working as intended. Ill be testing that myself in about an hour when I get home. If I see brake lights ill come back here and declare my mistake like a man.

Ok, here we go

Flat ground max speeds for each vehicle

hunter: 112 steady
hunter hmg/gmg: 116 and sudden drop to 92 (tire squeal heard, no brake lights, may be parking brake or gearbox who knows)

Ifrit all models: 137 steady (manufacturer says it's 150 but whatever)

civilian truck: 163 but its got some seriously strange problems
it acts like its got cruise control on or something and jittery tire squeal. I thought this was addressed in a previous patch but apparently not.

quadbike both models: 77 steady but terrible looping on the audio once you reach top gear

I'm not going to spend time finding a long downhill section to discover if the others exibit the sudden deceleration "feature" at some point. I'm sure some of them probably will if pushed past their designed top speeds.

I'm not opposed to a limited top speed for vehicles. Never said I was.
The data is here, the devs are reviewing the issue. I'm done with this now. Have fun.

I got the brakes thing again when driving an AFV on the dirt tracks west of Agia Marina. Interestingly enough I didn't get it when I was driving a pickup straight down the side of James2464's BASE jump island at hundreds of KPH.

My guess is that it's connected to the surface you're driving on.

Icchan added a subscriber: Icchan.May 7 2016, 1:46 PM

Did not happen with the cars I tested, SUV, both hatchbacks and off-road.

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Issue closed as obsolete. If you encounter this problem again, please create another ticket. Thank you.