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Some problems with the AH9 Little Bird's textures(explained in the thread)
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I just noticed a few problematic textures of the AH9 Littlebird, they are kind of minor and rather an annoyance than a real problem but on some instances like when you wanna check the remaining missiles of the Little Bird without entering it they could actually be considered a problem.

These are the problems I am talking about:

Cannot see the rockets sticking inside the launcher from inside the aircraft while in first person view.

Unability to see the rockets sticking inside the launcher from outside the aircraft without having entered the aircraft atleast once.

Unability to see the rotorblade markings without having damaged the vehicle, though I am uncertain wheter the markings stay when the helicopter gets repaired.

I also attached a screenshot of the problem while being outside the vehicle.

P.S: Two more problems that were found:

Cannot see the yellow and white markings while the helicopter's rotorblades are spinning.

In order to make the yellow and white markings appear the helicopter's fuselage must look damaged > must have bullet holes.



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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get a Littlebird. (Preferably with the editor)
  2. Look at the rocket pods without having touched the Littlebird.
  3. Look at the rocket pods from inside the cockpit.
  4. Look at the main rotor, damage it, look at it again.

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might I add that when the (yellow and white when spawned empty) marked rotorblades are spinning, you can't see the markings anymore ?

Sure add it, I'll also edit the description because I found one more problem: In order to see the white and yellow markings the fuselage of the chopper has to look damaged.

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rotor stripes appear when the main rotor is damaged

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