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If a teammate respawns while you are "dragging" them, they will disappear, and you will be locked out of controls
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A teammate died while playing a "domination" type game in online multiplayer. I selected the "Drag" option to move their body, and they re-spawned while i was dragging them. Their body disappeared, and my character was stuck in the dragging position and i could not walk or do anything except shoot(after shooting all my bullets, I could not reload also).


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Steps To Reproduce

Select "drag" on an unconscious teammate

have them re-spawn

try to move

Additional Information

I don't know if this was due to a poorly made domination mod or if it was he base game.

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i think you are refeering to a script/ mission addon named =BTC= revive, may be in the mission you played m8. not bis function.

this is a known bug to that script

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This is an issue with 3rd party content, so it cannot be fixed by BIS.