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should be able to fall into water from greater heights and not get hurt.
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at the moment it seems like water is concrete.
for example if you were to jump off a 5-10ft wall...
A. concrete would hurt
B. water wouldn't unless you did a belly flop :P


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place playable unit in the editor above water
adjust the height level
watch the player die or get hurt badly

try the same over ground and its the same outcome.

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We tried that and solider jumping from a chopper even at 20 meters can survive landing in water with no damage.

(tested on version DEV but it should work on actual Steam version as well)

Are you experiencing this issue in actual version?

Thank you.

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thank you for your reply.

I will confirm when I am home. if there isn't this issue with 20 meters.
I think it should be around 30 as it would be more realistic?

could you guys play around with it?

To be honest - there is nothing realistic in even 20 meters if you include falling with full army gear, ballistic armor and a gun. For a "seal-like" diver drop, proper height is about 3-8(max) meters.

The allowed no-damage jump height will probably be reduced to make the game more realistic.

For ilustration - this jump is in actual version of ARMA 3 possible to survive.

very true but 30m is ok! :D please dont reduce i dont think the ai is smart enough to lower his helicopter down that low on top of water

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The falls needs to be made to a animation. You are like standing in the air..

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 1:44 PM

As long as it's not a belly flop, that stings.

Also falling into water from a high height can be very painful, with the right momentum you might as well be falling into half hardened concrete.

@CSR Kryssar

Just to know, on witch version do you have make this jump?

I mean, yesterday we was on a server and we have try to play as seals but we have seen this problems:

  1. the chopper must be practically "at ground" (on water) to be able to see the "get out" option
  1. if we try to make "eject" no time to go out of the chopper that we was already death

I've write that only because so, perhaps, during the new script works you can check this situation if you find that it can be good to check them.

I think there should be a 20-30m (ok 25m meet in the middle) dive on the action menu with a pencil dive animation??

I also agree with CH_SwissWolf

[EDIT] with of course a splash animation

On the current developer version, must be at 1m to be able to get the "Get Out" prompt on the menu. <1m or >1m, and the prompt will either disappear or not appear.

After dropping below <1m, the goggles or winshield will likely fog over, making flying almost impossible, requiring a landing (preferably on a road) to clear the fog.

Sometimes, the fog will occur after hovering 11m above water after wet suites have entered into the water.

I think we have several bugs here. If somebody finds already open bugs, and opens a new ones concering these insertions, be sure to post the Bug Numbers here.

Think the best method so far, is to however at around 3-5m until steady, then very slowly drop to the no more than 1m level. Reiterate, very slowly as to not go lower than 1m! If you do go below, likely windshield will fog over.

Really glitchy. Again, speculate at atleast one or two bugs here, or more.

As unlikely as it would seem, I get many requests for wet insertion as a pilot. Glad to do it, just find it extremely difficult. Also, if the chopper does ditch in the water at 0m, sometimes cannot exit and sometimes the pilot will make a safe exit.

Bug #3909 "[Feature request] Fast Roping" might be able to fix this bug.

I did a little more research on this running the game client side, and I found hovering at <= 3m, and I was able to get the "Get Out" option on the menu.

However, when running the game in multiplayer mode and playing on somebody else's server, I was only able to trigger the "Get Out" option at 1m above the water. I'm guessing server lag is a very strong contributing factor!

Please no, maximum 10 meters because of the water entry shock. You can´t compare a naked guy, with a divers with fins and other things that will raise cross sectional area of the body and body acceleration (weight)