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exThreads parameter can break some script commands (scriptDone)
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Had some trouble with what I thought was an infinite loop. After 20 minutes of trying to debug my script, I realized scriptDone never returns true anymore. {F18977} {F18978}


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Run attached mission.

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0.55.104268 Dev

Hint showing "BEFORE SCRIPT".
Hint showing "IN SCRIPT.
Hint showing "AFTER SCRIPT".

Hint showing "BEFORE SCRIPT".
Hint showing "IN SCRIPT".

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I think the problem is in the script itself, I've fiddled with it a bit and it works as you described it should. Try correcting your script in way i did in updated mission file attached.

P.S. Didn't change the name of the mission.

Hmm. Actually, nothing was wrong with the script.

I just realized that I had passed an invalid value (8) for exThreads on the command line.

It seems that setting exThreads to anything above 7 causes this issue.
Setting exThreads to 7 instead fixed it.

Perhaps add validation on the exThreads argument?


Feature request in comment above.

There were made some changes and I am not able to reproduce it on my computer anymore. Could you please check it and let me know? Thanks

Just checked on latest dev build. Still present. If exThreads is anything above 7, "AFTER SCRIPT" will not be shown.

Should be fixed in next dev branch update.

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