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Major difference between controller and keyboard in Chopper flight. (Possibly Airplane)
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This is a major problem!
Yes there was someone talking about analog vs collective altitude gain speeds.

Yes that is a problem, however What I did was map analog to buttons on my controller which is a pain but works.

This problem seems to be with anything concerning AXIS. Banking (left right roll) Pitching (Front back roll) is twice as fast on keyboard (button) than on a joystick.

I have done everything, sensitivity, different parabolas etc. No difference. I know that this was also an issue in ARMA 2 when I tested on my friends computer. I am assuming it is going to be the same problem with airplanes, as it was the case in ARMA2

I am not understanding how that works. X axis at 100% doesn't seem to mean the same as pushing a button which should be doing exactly the same thing.

Same thing happens with altitude which is very uncomfortable.

PLEASE PLEASE look into it. Flying is the only thing I do in ARMA 3

I Have a Saitek X52 pro.


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Steps To Reproduce

-Take a joystick and AM-9 (as is more nimble and thus more pronounced)
-Gain altitude as to not crash.
-Start doing a barrel roll with your joystick. While doing a roll, push a button on the keyboard responsible for the banking and you will see the difference straight away.

Another way.

While in the air, try quickly rolling from side to side with keyboard and then Joystick. Difference is crazy.

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Duplicate of Bug #1678?

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