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AI always turns car lights on, when player gets out from driver's seat and AI is left as a gunner
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AI turns the lights on regardless of behaviour mode (stealth, aware, combat etc.).
It happens only when AI is a gunner, having AI on passenger seat makes them not to switch lights.

It happens to AI driver as well. When AI driver gets out, the gunner AI turns the lights on, even in stealth or combat mode. Telling the AI driver to get in, causes him to turn the lights off as soon as he mounts driver's seat.

This behaviour happens even with NVGs equipped.

Like if the gunner was afraid of darkness :)


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Steps To Reproduce


  1. Place a car with a turret, player as gunner.
  2. Set the time to night.


  1. Move to driver's seat.
  2. Set Combat mode (7-2)
  3. Get out of the car.
  4. Observe the lights turning ON by themselves.
Additional Information
  1. Telling the gunner to move to driver's seat makes the lights to turn off, having him back as gunner turns them back on.

The issue also is present, when player is a driver from the beginning.

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Confirmed :), i hope it's going to be resolved. Really annoying :).


Yeah, its going be fixed.... maybe after nex 2 years... HELLO!

@Astaroth, it's resolved. Ticket can be closed.

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