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Water demolitions, placing explosives under water
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I tried and have noticed there is not much for divers to do I so here are a few ideas;

*allow the ability to place water charges to scuddled a ship(big/small, be it a surface or underwater vessel)

***allow the choice to place and detonate a C4 charge on a water mine eliminating the mine rather then just deactivate!!!!


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I like the idea of being able to place charges on ships from underwater, but I don't understand why do you want to blow up mines. And please tell me, is there an oil platform in the Aegan sea? And a Nimitz? Really?

bwach added a subscriber: bwach.May 7 2016, 1:41 PM

because I like to blow things up thats why, and have you ever deactivated a water mine before not fun and dosnt happen that quick thats why!

so in retro spec add ability to blow water mines with C4 and scuddle ships with C4 and raise de-arm time on water mines!

bwach added a comment.Apr 18 2013, 3:37 AM

what would be cooler for deactivating mines of any sort would be a little mini game like seen in other games and if you fail the mini game then it blows if you succeed then you disarm it. all it would have to be is a little mini game like connect the wires without hitting the walls or something...and then if this was implemented then it would make you want to blow up the mine with a c4 charge unless the threat of collateral damage was at hand ie just like as in real life, and you cant tell me EOD and engineers dont blow mines and IEDs

You want a mini-game for disarming underwater mines in a military SIMULATION? And connect some wires? Why? You (probably) saw the diver take off the detonators or sensors or whatever they are off the mine. There weren't any wires or anything similar. It also makes a huge explosion if you blow up a mine and that could attract a lot of attention to you, but if someone is disarming mines they obviously want to be stealthy. They could have just carpet-bombed the whole place. C4 is also very expensive. And please tell me who uses the Nimitz,the NATO or the US Navy? And is there an oil platform in the Aegean sea?


2035 << Remember ?
Also, US Navy is part of NATO anyways..

Putting C4 on mines and boats would be cool, upvoted just for this

bud I am Infantry I have friends that disarm mines on a daily basis and yes they have to screw with wires while being shot at, it is the job, its war, and how is carpet bombing going to reassure that all targets are destroyed it wont it just makes a dangerous situation more dangerous, also you should just stop trying to prove me wrong, like said before im Canadian Infantry and the USA lets us use there carriers so yes they are USA, DND property however we are allies and since we dont have carriers we work closely with our allies, OI bet you also dont realize that JTF2 is Joint Task force 2, the 2 meaning USA & Canada, as well just for your knowledge there is always a carrier near Korea working with the 7th legion even though they have a foot hold on land. and C4 is not expensive at all for government and military, god kid do some research or dont argue with military personal, and if anything is not stealthy or if aything is expensive it would be a carpet bombing each bomb is about $12,000 where a 2lb c4 charge costs about $100 for military.

Bwach, you cant disarm mines underwater with an explosion, maybe you can in land, but its not only dangerous underwater, but what's the point of destroying them if you have to silently disarm them? makes no sense.

bwach added a comment.Apr 19 2013, 1:02 AM

For reasons such as time, and if the possibility of disarmament failure is at hand and the explosion would or could cause collateral damage then in this case there would be reason to call for use of controlled demolitions just like they did the other day in Boston, and the risk of explosion with water mines is higher dew to water there for they blow 75%

2035 remember sure and do research on equipment service term for god sake look how long the m16 was in service for 60s to present, that is along time kids!


You are infantry and you have friends that disarm mines and they have to screw with wires. Okay, I believe you. But tell me, are those underwater mines your friends are disarming or are they anti-personnel mines?
BTW I did some research, turns out C4 isn't so expensive. Sorry about that.

here is a short video, can you guess what they did to that moored underwater mine?
yup they blew it up because it was to dangerous to try and deactivate

and to answer your question, when it comes to wires I don't know i have never disarmed a moored mine, Ive heard of corroded wired that cause dangerous situations however i am just trying to put good ideas out to the developers to help make the game more realistic because this is what they are after.

As I understood from the description, they didn't blow it up with explosives, it exploded on it's own. And there couldn't be any corroded wires because those aren't WW2 mines in the game, they're new mines.

bwach added a comment.May 13 2013, 5:42 PM

The bottom of Baltic Sea is still covered with various mines from the WW2. They were laid there and often without any maps or information to disarm them later...More than 50 years later, they are still there, but nobody knows how they react to magnetic, acoustic or optical impact.

that is the description dose not say it was "just set off" it actually says disarm!

bwach added a comment.May 13 2013, 5:43 PM

and disarm also includes and also means blow up! or control det!

Well, haven't seen you in a while. What's it been, like 3 weeks?
OK, I surrender. Since you're impossible, I'll simply the devs to decide.

EDIT: I just found out you suggested QTEs in Arma 3. I think that tells us enough about you.

bez added a comment.Jun 10 2013, 2:06 PM

Agreed, demolition and oil rigs will be cool!
Also huge ships, seal boarding type, takeover the ship in mid sea, mission will be cool!

"Agreed, demolition and oil rigs will be cool!
Also huge ships, seal boarding type, takeover the ship in mid sea, mission will be cool!"

bez, you are searching for COD or BF

bez added a comment.Jun 11 2013, 12:06 AM

@Dr Death, No I am not.
Unfortunately, I come from a military oriented country, I am not proud of it,
but there is nothing I can do about it. so I don't make up shit.
So please believe me what I said happens in real life.

So just because COD did it, does not mean it's not a realistic scenario.
Maybe COD didn't do it realistically, but thats another issue.

Please read this:

and this:

And these are only two incidents I remember that are very famous here in Israel.
I am sure it happens more than you, or I think.

And again, I am not proud in everything my country does, (to be honest most of the time I am just ashamed of my country)
so lets not involve politics please.

look, the only way water boarding is used when not being stealthy its when the lenght to cover its so big they cant do nothing else, when you can send a boat 10 km into the open sea in the game, then boarding ships would be possible, and even in arma 2 it was, it was buggy using ACE fastropes and mostly addons boats, but you could board enemy ships, hwoever, you cant board ships from the water because there is no graplin hook in the game.

Taking over ships in the middle of the sea for the US/NATO factions are EXTREMELY rare

bez added a comment.Jun 11 2013, 12:34 PM

Sorry I am not sure I understand what you meant,
Of course taking a ship stealthily is rare and difficult and you could be right
that the map is too small and you can't sail 10km into the sea in the game,
but this is really easily fixed by making the sea around the map bigger,
it's not gonna impact performance, it's just empty water.

personally though, I wouldn't mind taking over a ship 3km from shore, or even 1km.
It might not be ultra realistic, but at the end allot of the things in this
simulator(game) are not, for the sake of gameplay, and the distance to the ship
is really nitpicking in my opinion.

Again I don't understand what is not realistic with naval commandos (seals)
boarding ships, it could be rare, but it happen.
Just because COD did this, doesn't mean it's not a realistic scenario.
I don't know about seals in particular (though I am pretty sure they do also)
but the naval commandos here train for this kind of missions from time to time,
and I pretty sure most naval commandos around the world do. Even if it's extremely rare.
(if something is rare it doesn't mean it's not realistic)

I think it would be awesome fun and really cool, to have a ship like that in the editor as a prop
(only not broken of course) for mission making and such, and an oil rig would also be cool.

Anyway, I don't think BIS will do it because of time issues, so you have nothing to worry about,
someone will make an addon evetually.

you obviously didn't understood my previous comment, what i meant, is that with no graplin hook, seals wouldn't be able to board ships from water to the boat itself, and using air inserction was possible ever since before arma 2

bez added a comment.Jun 12 2013, 9:10 AM

Ho no I understood that part.
When I said I would like a feature to board ships and take them over
from the sea, than maybe I didn't mention grappling hooks specifically,
but that is why I asked for that feature, because I think it would be awesome.
And if there are no grappling hooks, well, I ask for them!
What is not clear in that?

yes, i want graplin hook too and realistic military boarding, even if its gonna be a small feature, just like the fastroping.

MadDogX added a subscriber: MadDogX.May 7 2016, 1:41 PM

Edited title, cleared up the ticket description and info.

Only one request/report per ticket, please.

Yes, quick time events.

Btw, bump.

So? I wouldn't want to wait for a "Navy" DLC before having something to do underwater...

Agree with pakislav, so far ArmA 3 is US army alone, and BIS should focus on air and ground assets before anything else.