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Increase durability of soldier
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First thing to notice - I don't want to make this game unrealistic/arcadish but I still think that each soldier can stand different damage. I would like to see here some script or feature to increase/decrease individual soldier's durability. Or just let it have each soldier randomly. There are some scripts already but in A3 It doesn't work properly (Soldier can be still killed if leg/arm/head hitpoint which is always same value gets destroyed).


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You can use the <i>handleDamage</i> event handler to modify the received damage.

IKR but it doesn't work pretty well as I still die after 2-3 hits in leg, no matter how much handledamage i've set.

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If you get hit once in real life you dont fight any more, you crawl down in a hole and screams for help, even if you are a "rambo soldier" 2-3 hits in the leg would almost certainly kill you due to the big and vital veins that run through your leg. The only hit i would walk away from and might continue fight is ONE hit in the fot or shoulder. Of course the protective gear the soldiers use ingame offers different protection at various distances, but then again remember if you get hit you dont get up in a while.


This is supposed to be a simulator, so it's supposed to be realistic.


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It depends on how and where you got hit really, I wish I could find the link again but there was a man who got into a gunfight with hand guns, 9mm caliber and his adrenaline was so high that he hadn't even realised he was shot in the hand until the assaulter was gone.

But that was hand gun and a 9mm does not compare to a 7.62 or 5.56.

Ofcourse it depends on multiple factors like where you get hit, the distance of the shooter, the gun caliber and ammo type and a lot more factors but basically 3 shots in a leg would kill you, 1 hit from a 5.56 in the chest would get you stopping to fight and so on.

I'd say the damage sustained is good as it is, close range hit with a 5.56 and you are critically wounded, 400m hit and with protective gear in the cheast and you get very wounded but you really start to wounder what you are doing in the battlefield and your life flashes through your eyes :)

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Damage received can be change in the difficulty settings. Any other changes to the received damage needs to be scripted.

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