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Repeatedly hit on legs or arms should NOT kill you instantly
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It's something related to Wounding System,but this one should be fix easily.
Been hitting on legs or arms will makes you bleeding and kills you eventually if you don't stop the bleeding.But having multiple rounds on your limbs shouldn't kill you instantly(although,if you bleeding form your Femoral artery or so,you may die very quickly).
Also,some heavy damage of your limbs should be incurable,you can keep alive after stanch bleeding,but you will lose the ability to walk or steady aim perennial.


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Health System
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Place some one in Editor with you.
Shoot his legs or arms for maybe 3~5 rounds(even with handgun) will kill him instantly.

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Yes, but as long as there is a simple hitpoint system in our "most realistic military simulator", i doubt it will ever change.
I mean, coding a workaround for this, you can also start to code a full realistic solution.

what about pneumatic shock.

I believe it's to simulate incapacitation. If you got hit numerous time in the leg, your leg would probably disintegrated and be combat ineffective anymore. Though IRL you might be still be alive, but in game the easiest way is to let the character die.

It also depends on what shoots you i guess.
A 12.7 or a 7.62 burst would most likely chop off your arm.

It's intended this ways since forever in ArmA series. Not a bug.
Implemented the right way only in DayZ Standalone, which has some newer engine.
@Astaroth, it's resolved. Ticket can be closed.

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