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engine sounds pop in/out from far distance
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You can't hear a clear fading in/out of engine sounds if vehicles fly/drive/swim to/away from your position. Everytime the engine sounds of incoming vehicles suddenly popping in.

Another example: Follow an ATV, that is driving away from your position. You still can see the vehicle but at an specific distance, the engine sound suddenly disappears. There is no fading out of the noise.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go to the editor
  2. Select a unit (infantry) and set as player
  3. Select an ATV/an Ifrit/a Hunter/a helicopter/a boat and set it right next to the player unit
  4. Set a waypoint (move) for the vehicle unit to a position 2000m away from the player position
  5. Click on Preview and watch the vehicle driving/sailing/flying away from your position
  6. Listen to the engine sound ---> suddenly disappearing at a specific distance
Additional Information

In the latest alpha version (0.58.105348) the engine sounds seems quieter for nearly about 50 percent. If you listen clearly to your environment, you can still hear the popping in/out sounds of incoming/outgoing vehicles.

Dear Devs, please fix it and bring back the immersion, that ARMA III deserves.


In the latest beta version (0.70.106872) the engine sounds are still too quiet.

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This problem is connected to a doppler effect bug, I believe. Fix is incoming soon.

with the latest update (28/06/13) the sound pop is even worse now up to three pops. I've been sound modding arma since arma2, I always thought it was associated with the sound cone :/ didn't realize it was in fact the doppler effect

It might be sound occlusion - objects and trees are blocking the sound, but they shouldn't block it completely, there should be remains of low frequency - not no sound at all!

I also believe that sound occlusion doesn't work no more on weapons firing and explosions which is a shame.

Should be fixed by now, can you confirm?

still there i think.

It seems to be when the chopper turns to face you that the class RotorHighOut pops in instead of fading in.

Dazhbog, it would really help if we could have an explanation of how the sound cone works, then it would be easier to diagnose. We were told that that info specifically would be given to us.

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Since there was no dev branch update today, we probably won't see the fix until tomorrow.

Also occlusion is still not working as fragmachine said, if you get in a vehicle set a chopper to fly over you, or indeed every sound is just as clear inside as it is out.

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It's not only the engine sounds, that pop in. Everytime I play, I realise, that the ambient sounds are crackling and popping in too.

As I wrote before, the sounds are too quiet. Yesterday after driving with an ATV, I stopped the vehicle and left it without turning the engine off. I standed right next to the ATV engine and heard the crickets and bird noises over the obviously too quiet engine sound.

Or try out the speedboat. If you are driving under full speed, you nearly can't hear the engine sound.

In my opinion, the only vehicle with an acceptable loudness of the engine is the motorboat. Helicopters, cars and trucks are too quiet.

Sound loudness and distance increased significantly since several patches.
@Astaroth, it's resolved. Ticket can be closed.

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