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(Dev build) New prone lean can spin and allow swift 360 arc. video included
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When entering prone lean the player is able to (regardless of mouse settings) spin in a full 360. This would not be such a problem if the animation reflected it with a pushing hand and a slower turn rate (after all you can crawl in this position)
When you toggle free-look while in optics mode, be it scope or aim point, the gun is only allowed to travel in a certain arc which might be a good idea but on the other hand you also have the issue of needing to stand up to turn around.

Both options have their pro's and cons but ultimately for the best fluidity a slower turn would work best but could be offset by mouse sensitivity, the arc would make it more of a situational stance but wouldn't allow the user to cover nearly as much ground.


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Go into prone position, press ctrl+A or D then rotate mouse.

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This has the opportunity to change infantry conflict in several ways, the stance itself is great however if say I was on a hill and was engaged from the rear, I could swiftly turn around and just shoot back.

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