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Missing reddot in holosight while combat prone
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When you going urban prone and aiming uses holosight/reddot in some positions you can't see reddot. {F18902} {F18903}


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1)Do combat prone(Left or right)
2)Aim with reddot.
3)Watch up or down while aiming.

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I added screens for this.

It's just because your head can't align with the rifle (your character's cheek is welded to the buttstock). It could use a bit of tweaking, but I fear that altering the point at which the characters head aligns with the rifle dynamically and intuitively would be a major rework, and you're just gonna have to make the best of the situation and play the hand you are dealt (just like real urban prone).

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Thank you for screens,that all what I mean.And yes it's called urban prone,I forget it,my bad.

Well I'll just record video actually about it.

No prob, and you actually did call it urban prone in the description. ;D

Here's a related issue by the way: 0007286