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Ear ringing when someone shooting an unsuppressed high caliber gun near yo/temporary loss of hearing ability caused by explosion
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Just thought of this since this is what happens in real life- you get ringing in your ears for a couple of seconds when you shoot a 7.62 or someone close to you does. Also an explosion should temporarily disable your hearing if it happens close to you.


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Nice suggestion. I think ACE in A2 had this. I'd be very careful with the effects caused by regular rifles though, because it could lead to continuous ear ringing in certain missions (eg. DM). But with high caliber guns, explosions, AT, cannons, mortars, arty etc. it would be very neat feature!

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Yeah, it already was in Arma 2, but somehow disappeared in Arma 2 OA. Would be great to see it returned in Arma 3.

only for explosions if your a soldier. if your a civilian, the ringing should be for large caliber guns as well.

They have a sort of ComTac Electronic Hearing Protection

This is a cool feature I'd like to see it in Arma 3

I assume they wear some sort of ear protection but I agree that civilians should be affected by shots and explosions.

This should not be a default feature. If it makes it in the final game, it should be a module so it's up to the mission makers to use it. Or even a server setting.

But also there is a limit to how realistic the basic game can get, I mean in order to attract a wide variety of gamers. To be honest the game could have been much more realistic but that would weed out the gamers who are more into the aggressive shooter style and that would only lead to them being shot up all the time and in the end quit the game and this means smaller fanbase => less money => no money to support new DLCs/games. So yeaah this kind of stuff we should leave it to the moders, it was possible in Arma 2 and should probably be possible in ARMA 3.

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