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KA-60 is bugged
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There are multiple problems with KA-60 - It's camera is forcing you to look at your legs - you can look around using Alt+Mouse but then the camera starts doing crazy 360 degree turns, the hands on control stick aren't animated.
Watch it here -


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Run Helicopter Showcase or just create mission in editor where you are pilot of KA-60
  2. Watch all the problems listed

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Unable to reproduce these issues in latest dev version. My view in the KA-60 is centered by default and the flight stick moves normally with the controls.

Can you please provide some info on your system? Ideally a DxDiag dump and the latest RPT file. See here for info on how to find those:

It didn't happen since that but just watch the video I've posted here..

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I would need more info about the reproducibility to solve the issue - I haven't been able to reproduce this in any version (and I have quite a lot of them ranging from first Arma 3 Alpha onwards). Could You, please, provide some more details?

It was some random error I guess. I'll close it as it didn't happen to me since that and it's really old bug.

EDIT: Access denied :O oh mods please go ahead and close then.