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Only blue color channel should be enabled when diving in very deep depths
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The water absorbs the more colors, the deeper the depth is (see attachments). In very deep depths there should be only blue light left. Eg. red objects should show as black because there is only blue light left that they can't reflect. {F18838} {F18839} {F18840}


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  1. Dive in deep depth (> 30 m)
  2. Observe that there is other than blue light too left

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good suggestion. unlikely to implement.

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Heh, I hope that they'll fix this... It would have very noticeable effect, because you would "feel" and "see" your depth much better, when it would get dark and all blue in deep water. Not a major issue, but because I think we'll have exciting missions underwater in the future, it would be nice to have the small details fixed :P

Greek waters. 'nuff said. No modification needed.

greek water isn't physically different than spanish or russian water. beyond a certain depth, the sun's interaction with the water will become exactly the same, observed visually. douchebag who votes down due to ignorance and poor education.

Please educate yourself on the vast differences between the arctic sea water and the mediterranean sea water before jumping to any conclusions.


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This would actually be very easy to implement using a simple shader that lowers the intensity of other channels based on depth. Good suggestion.

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Is there any progress on this? The newest dev build seems to have some underwater lighting issues fixed, but the difference between surface and bottom lighting is still significantly small.

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This looks fixed in both stable and dev build, so this can be closed for my part.

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Issue closed as obsolete. If you encounter this problem again, please create another ticket. Thank you.