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Stuck when trying to move sideways through doors.
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When trying to move through doors sideways in either the standing or crouched position it is really easy to get hung up on the door frame.


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Walk or crouch through doorways sideways.

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Maxyz added a comment.Apr 14 2013, 5:21 AM

You should lower your weapon to do that.

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did you though you could move like a ghost? you are a solid body, remember that.

Keragon added a subscriber: Keragon.May 7 2016, 1:35 PM

You shouldn't just get stuck though, the rifle should bounce off the wall, or your character lowers his rifle for a moment to get around it automatically. Stuff like this just makes the game clunky when left alone. Upvoted.

"or your character lowers his rifle for a moment to get around it "

There are feature requests for this - go upvote them instead =).
Oh, and there is an ArmA 2 mod doing it. And I can swear that it is either WIP or already done for ArmA 3.

IMHO There's no place for such features in vanilla game, but I'm all for the modded implementation of it.

But that's the entire point of this ticket, is addressing this issue and plausible solutions, and that's my plausible solution? Why should we have to mod the crap out of the game to get features that should be basic?

Also, I've attempted to repeat this and it isn't very repeatable. Sometimes you will slide right through and other times you will get hung up. I don't think the point of you getting stuck going sideways is to simulate the gun hanging up on the frame, this seems to be more of a bug.

Phalanx added a subscriber: Phalanx.May 7 2016, 1:35 PM

This happens for anything, not just doorways..

Rocks, railings, anything that's around you your character can get 'caught' on when trying to turn. Pretty awkward!

Weapon occlusion would be one way to solve it, but really what BIS should focus on is the connections between animations going to and from the 'weapon lowered' state. No more pausing or randomly standing up/crouching to lower/raise your gun, etc.

This would be better in the long run as the feel of infantry combat would improve in general, and players would be able to control their character as needed to navigate tight spaces, not have to rely on an automatic system which would no doubt cause other problems somewhere down the line.

Make the connections between stances and modes as fluid as you can and I bet you'll see problems like this disappear, without the need for implementing something special for it.

If this is by design for you to get stuck in doorways unless you lower your weapon or something along these lines then it's very awkward design. I was not aware of any such "rule" until reading up on some doorway related posts here.

It's very hard to maneuver in the doorways in general regardless of what you are trying to do. I was just getting stuck at every other doorway in Agia Marina during a multiplayer deathmatch mission loosing a lot of time.. It feels like you get stuck like a hopeless fly in a spider web when you try to sit in a doorway and try to target someone or attempt to run outside the building quickly.. Something is utterly wrong about these doorways that really needs to be fixed.

Look at the video:

There is a possibility of a collision between a rifle and a doorway, but it's exactly like in a reality. You can't move sideways with a rifle, that is longer, than the doorway is wide. You have to move with the rifle held diagonally, be it with a lowered muzzle or put the muzzle through the doorway first and the rest second.

In standard FPP shooter you're just a flying camera, with 2D animated weapon sprite put on screen and you can hug the walls as much as you like. In Arma the camera is tied to a 3D body, holding a 3D rifle. Because of that, you have to leave as much space in front of you, as possible, and aim with the end of the muzzle, but move with your back.

Collisions were exagerated in Arma2, which called for some mods. Arma3 has this issue fixed. Maybe there is a specific doorway with bad geometry, in the movie I seem to have some problems in one door only, but that's a specific point, not the whole collisions system, to look at.

@Maxyz: Try playing the game like you suggest, using the lower weapon command while moving around buildings. Actually I'll save you the time; it doesn't work.

Anyway, there are different tickets that suggest fixes for this issue. It may be more beneficial to find those and vote them up instead.

For example:

A lot of these movement/control issues stem from how easy it is to get the player "stuck", which is usually caused by trying to do certain actions in a specific order or too many actions at once.

So you downvote the issue and tell him off even though you confirm what is happening? I don't understand all the negativity on these issue tracker posts, its like people are all trying to prove they are so much smarter than the other reporters, or like you are trying to show off for BIS in hopes of making mod or something.

If you agree with the issue then leave it at that, let BIS Mod's and Dev's come and close the thread if its a dupe. Don't just down vote it because its a dupe.

EDcase added a subscriber: EDcase.May 7 2016, 1:35 PM

I would like to see an auto-lower function to see how it would work.

Getting stuck in doorways and while turning next to an object/bush is VERY annoying.

Getting a bullet in your face, because you had your weapon auto-lowered at the moment, is even more annoying.

Vespa added a comment.May 23 2013, 5:13 PM

yes, getting stuck while moving around is a serious issue we are trying to fix

Vespa added a comment.Aug 7 2013, 12:33 PM

New collision envelopes and engine support for different turning axes fixed this. Thanks to Kolji the best programmer in the world.

Mass closing resolved tickets from last month.