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Font in editor causes hard to read codes and bracket-usage (square/parentheses)
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The used font in the editor is really tricky when using codes with both types of brackets, e.g. [,(,),]. It's very difficult to see, if there is a squared bracket or a parentheses set into. {F18753}


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Windows 7
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Open editor, paste code with faulty bracket into trigger and let a second person find the error.

Additional Information

Additional, or workaround, would be fine to have colored letters for each argument, array, etc. (Just like a [code][/code] insert in forums).

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And the "I" is hard to distinguish from the "!" aswell.

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Agreed voted up.

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Confirmed. This is very closely related to #666, which is already assigned to a dev.

It might be prudent to mark this as a dupe and add the info to the other ticket.

Yeah, basically the font needs to have a slightly higher resolution (or just some minor adjustments) to resolve all of those issues.

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Solved by Eden Editor

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