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Weapon zooms to ground when lowered
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When weapon is down and you use optics, the weapon does not rise into shoulder position.

This also works if you are using optics, then go to map and then exit map. The weapon stay zoomed/optics down to the ground ue to weapon being lowered.

This was tested on vehicle showcase map.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Use optics [right mouse button]
  2. Enter map [m]
  3. Exit map [m]


  1. Lower weapon if raised [2x right ctrl]
  2. Use optics [right mouse button]

[only tested on showcase: Vehicle, but I assume it is doable elsewhere aswell]

Additional Information

realized this was a known issue: "Able to access optics while kneeling with weapon lowered" []

switch to resolved?

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This is true, but im not sure if this is a issue...

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Well... I enjoy playing with optics or as a spotter/scout. Meaning I use binocs tons and I use the map for marking what I see. IF I do not exit optics, open map, close map, raise weapon and then zoom, I lose sight of the area I was targeting.

It is also strange to have to raise my weapon before using optics. It would be better if you were unable to zoom in when the weapon is lowered than the way it is now.

Known issue:

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Duplicate of #3180
(also listed in known issues)

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