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Reporters' Display Horrid English Spelling & Grammar Skills
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Most of the people reporting bugs are displaying horrible English spelling and grammar skills.

Is there any way the Developers can fix this?


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Find a spectacular want, or what looks like a bug.
  1. Hand a monkey in a cage a keyboard.
  1. Whatever the monkey types, press submit.
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I'm praying my hard earned taxed money wasn't wasted on some of those that reported bugs, displaying such terrible spelling and grammar.

Wish people would realize, when you type something quickly without proof reading, you cause many people to waste time deciphering what your typed. And, the time wasted is exponential, as it's repeated by the many people attempting to read your Bug Reports.

A further note to hypocrites with itchy keyboard fingers, it's not cool to submit material poorly written! A lot of people judge you by what you write. Some hints, use Google to check spelling and find words. Use an automatic spell checker within the browser.

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English isn't everyone's first language.
Deal with it.
I think this can be closed...

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"English isn't everyone's first language.
Deal with it.
I think this can be closed... "


Some english speaking westerners are so arrogant.

Agreed, I only speak English, but I'm not above mistakes.

rogerx added a comment.Apr 6 2013, 3:29 AM

Well, usually most people graduate from using baby talk very early in life.

Being an International forum, it's quite well assumed English is a second language, for some. However, I've written to quite a few people whom do use English as a second language and they all appear to write much better than the majority here. ;-)