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Controler Support Needs Attn.
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It seems that the controller support is very much lacking. I play games (especially shooters)with a controller. I also play inverted so I realize I am a small portion of who usually play this game. But the lack of support for the controller makes it impossible to play this game and enjoy it. I bought Arma 2 CA before coming to this same issue. Please help the controller based community that would love to play this game and have yet to be able to. Button Assignment and option to Invert dont work.


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I really dont understand why you play shooter`s with a controller...0_o

Needs more details as to what's actually meant by "controller support is very much lacking".

For some it means the controller currently doesnt work at all. Try for example a simple thing like moving forward, sidesteping and leaning, all at the same time without controller or some other additional analog device.

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Duplicate of Bug #1847 and Bug #737.

It is a known issue many additional joystick buttons cannot yet be mapped, because they're likely only supporting the original outdated joystick specification with a limited number of buttons.

Ive given up hopes for fix and bypassed the problem by remaping the gamepad through virtual joystick driver PPjoy. I think I learned a lesson here. The gamepad worked just fine throughout first weeks of alpha.

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Closing as duplicate.