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"Variety" idle animations should play after minimum of X seconds
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When you stay still while prone, or while stood up with your weapon lowered, your character will perform bunch of random idle animations such as checking his shoe or shifting position slightly.

If you lower your weapon while crouched, you'll probably see your character start inspecting his weapon almost straight away. If you nudge your mouse the animation will cancel and 9 times out of 10 the same animation will start again, this can happen multiple times in a row and looks silly.

I think these "variety" animations play too frequently, and too short a time after being idle. They should only play after the player has been idle in one spot without moving for a set amount of time, say after 15 seconds.


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Idle animations are unnecessary for players. I'm not gonna touch my face if I don't want to.

Please reallocate the animation budget for idles to more player verbs.

The face touching animation can really be annoying, same thing happens when being a passenger.

I fully agree. Worst part is that inside vehicles you're forced to see your hand in your face every freaking time.

IMO idles for players should only play in multiplayer if you Alt-Tab out of the game.

The face wiping animation has twice now interfered with watching out for assassins while playing on ALiVE. I'd much rather not be pointing my weapon at everything for the sole sake of avoiding this happening again.

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I am literally feeling seasick right now from having these idle animations going while working in the debug console for the last 2-3 hours. Spending any amount of time being "idle" is really frustrating.

Away with the face touching!

+1 for idle animation start on alt+tab event

You guys know that if you have your weapon lowered you can right clic to disable the idle animation ?

Work on crouch or up...I say this cause i find this really not long ago :).

That is because right click is ADS, but with weapon lowered there is no animation for it. I doubt it was intended, just happens to have this effect.

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I see this has been around awhile. The hand in face animation is so annoying, I'm usually trying to look at surroundings or take a screenshot and the blasted guy fidgets more than a 5th grader.