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Helicopter lighting
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I would like to request the addition of a dim light in the back of the transport chopper. While it isn't a necessity it seems weird when you get in the chopper and everything is pitch black. If this isn't a normal feature for helicopters please comment


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get in a transport chopper at night

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The whole point of flying tactically at night is not to be seen by the enemy. That's why you don't turn any cabin lights on.

Modern Choppers have Cabin lights on even on tactical flights. But they could not be seen from outside (like in the movie:Zero Dark Thirty)

lol, can you guys believe this PuzzledFreak guy?!

For real, you're full of shit. Ofcourse helicopters have cabin lights, not just 'modern ones' lol. But if you don't want to be seen, you turn them off. It's pretty simple really.
There's no such thing as a light that cannot be seen 'from the outside', unless all doors are closed and windows are blinded lol.

And please, don't believe everything you see in movies.

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just make it RED, noone will see it outside of the chopper

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@47Pilot i don't say that "old choppers" don't have them. I want to say that the cabine lights in new helicopters can't be seen from outside.

PuzzledFreak, that would be IMPOSSIBLE. There's no such thing as a light source that you can only see when you're inside a helicopter. Unless all windows and doors would be closed. But they aren't... Light is light.

Red lights are an awful idea, because red light is VERY visibile through NVG's....

Come on people, don't just talk bullshit here. If you don't know anything about it, mind business you DO know stuff about.

IRL, you would not use cabin lights during flight, because it's not tactical.

+1 47Pilot

"going dark" isn't just a movie thing

Maybe the easiest way is to add inside lights and make the player able to turn it off. I think the creator of the threat just want indoor lights. And he don't want them to be tactical.

Tasty13 added a subscriber: Tasty13.May 7 2016, 1:27 PM

I assumed it would be able to be toggled since there are situations where you absolutely wouldn't need the lights, but for general transportation they would be a nice addition.

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also voted up, for cabin light with turn on/off ability ; not sure about default state thought, default to off would probably the best choice

TheBoat added a subscriber: TheBoat.May 7 2016, 1:27 PM

You guys seem to be forgetting that there's collision lights on the outside of the chopper already, but those can be turned on and off. I'm not saying I support this idea, as there's NVGs for a reason.

I think the OP was referring to cabin lights that are toggle-able. While yes decent NVGs are everywhere in 2035 that doesn't mean everyone likes having them activated all the time. I for one try not to wear them when i don't need to, in the back of a transport heli, for example, and it bothers me that its always pitch black in the back. Just having a light (i'd prefer plain LED blue, but thats just me) on when we aren't being stealth dropped would be nice and relaxing.

IMO, instrument lights should also be included (cars too). Due to instrument lights being recessed behind the glass of each one, it would take a guy with eagle eyes to see it. Plus, name one modern helicopter, car, plane, etc etc that does not have illumination of some kind for their instruments.

TheBoat... Yeah, aircraft also have formation lights and navigation/position lights, landing/searchlights... But that all has nothing to do with this thread.

Why does it bother you that it's pitch black Blueteamguy? It's not like there's much to see other than your mates in the back. Ofcourse helicopters have lighting in the back. The Chinook for instance, has cabin lights which you can dim and switch from white to NVG compatible blue/greenish.

Ofcourse instruments have lights. Instrument lighting and flood lighting to be precise. NVG compatible too. But what I was trying to say earlier and in a different thread, pilots don't use their NVG's to look at their instruments. They look past/underneath their NVG's at the instruments. This is because the NVG's are focussed on infinity, not at 1-3 feet away. So if you'd use your NVG's to look at the instruments, it'd be one big light green blur.