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Buildings do not feel right
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I know it may be hard to implement and may require redesigning the concept of building itself, but the buildings in Arma 3 just don't feel right and are rather iritating to move in. It is extremely hard to position yourself as you want inside the buildings, you cannot make such gentle movements as in other games (mainstream FPS shooters) and many times you clip through the walls or get stuck (because the walls sometimes dont feel like a solid barrier). At this point I'm trying to avoid buildings if I can. I know the game is primarily oriented on the large landscape battles, but it would be really cool if it would feel natural to move in the buildings and use them as a helpful cover. Thanks.


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Try to move inside a building of any kind.

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@I know the game is primarily oriented on the large landscape battles..

Yes but..but not all players want to focus on that.
So my opinion (and vote ^) goes to All types of scenario's must be flawless and smooth like butter..

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I also noticed one problem. Sometimes when you are close to a wall or to a fence, it seems like you get stuck and is impossible to turn around - you need to back up from the wall first.

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Please let us know in note section if you are still able to reproduce this issue in latest Development build.

prasek added a comment.May 9 2013, 6:27 PM

I think it feels better now. :) However, for instance, when I am on a balcony and run towards the railing I cannot turn around while running.

What I notice is the front of the character seems smooth and binds little with the world but the back gets stuck easily.Just strafe left and right with back up against wall to illustrate.

EDIT....seems to be on certain walls only though.

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If you back up into a corner in most buildings you'll start glitching into the ground, you have to turn to the wall and use the gun's collision model to push you away so you can move again.

a lot of the 'sticking' when trying to turn whilst facing a wall is rifle collision, as the rifles a solid object and your character is an idiot he doesn't lower the weapon he just tries to force a solid object through a solid object, good way to fix this is with the collision mod, and give the movement some softening

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I have noticed in the latest dev build, there are still some clipping issues with walls and general smoothness. I think the most prominent example of this would be to simply walk up the stairs of a lighthouse. It's just...clunky and not fluid.

Better than it was though.

Not much interaction with them either atm aside from just the doors. Maybe add windows to that option to make buildings more feasable in ambushes in general.

Even in the Dev Build Beta release, you can still clip through walls. This happened to me when I stood in a lookout tower.

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New collision envelopes and forward turning axes solved lot of collision issues and made movement inside building easier. I dare to close this as resolved.

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