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|Underwater Weapon is Bugged/glitched|
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i was messing about under water looking for glitches and bugs when i came across a weapon glitch. when i tried to switch weapon underwater it didn't let me. until i noticed that my secondary was impossible to use underwater so i thought that it was okay because it was unusable. when i tried to use the underwater gun it didn't fire and didn't work. so i got out the water and it automatically changed to my secondary.


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Windows 7
Swimming and Diving
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Spawn diver under water
  2. Try to change weapon by Switch Gun/Handgun key
  3. Try to shoot
  4. Get to shore

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One can select different weapon and arm a weapon only before entering water and in water you need to have wetsuit, not normal uniform.
@Astaroth, duplicate of T63334

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