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Menu button text rarely disappearing
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A couple of times seemingly at random I have had the white text on dark menu buttons disappear. The texts in question were "autodetect" and "hide" in the settings the first time making it impossible to determine which button was which and the second time it was after winning a game and only the "restart" button went blank. {F18678}


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I don't know how to reproduce this.
The first time it happened while changing my settings a lot and the second time after just winning Showcase 1. Perhaps other players can find a way to reproduce it.

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I just uploaded a screenshot.
The two buttons on the right of default have no text on them.

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Happens here with latest DEV build 053.103271

REPRO: go to Options/Controls, click on any control. Buttons right of Default are black on black. Edit button in Controllers is black on black. Several buttons in controller settings are black on black.

Windows 8 64bit, AMD 6870, Catalyst 13.2

it may be linked to this that I just put up without seeing the above.

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Please let us know in note section if this issue is still happening to you.

Haven't had any text disappearing from buttons since. Probably resolved.

Not happening anymore, closing.

Mass close.