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Ability to plant explosive in vehicle to detonate it whenever you like, even after it moves...
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Having read ticket 0003558,
(If possible to make,) it would be really cool for sabotaging purposes, for the explosive to be able to be attached-planted and carried around by (enemy) land-air vehicles.


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only for things like civilian cars, because it wouldn't make sense for any other vehicle type, otherwise hello bf suicide-bomb bullshit.

only should be guerilla fighter useable.

I say make it a module option. So that public servers with respawnable choppers can choose not to utilize this feature and dont end up having people doing what "Johncage" above me here describes.

In most missions i play in, helicopters and vehicles are very valuable items that would not be wasted with suicide bombings, not to mention the players are more often than not more valuable alive. :P

But yea, Module option, this can add a nice touch to sabotage missions.

Module or always available doesn't really make a difference for me.


@johncage @extenzed Didn't thought about suicide bombings, nice idea for use also! I was thinking the ability to just planting explosives to enemy vehicles and detonate them when they are on the move...

or rolling an empty vehicle towards an enemy position and detonating as a distraction, i would think it would have limited used outside jihading, but having the option would be cool

I don't know about after movement but when my friends and I play on wasteland servers in heli's we plant explosives on armoured vehicles in our ao and detonate after we are in the air. Makes sure they don't get into the wrong hands :)

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Duplicate of #5947.