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"Predator white vision" / saturated brightness bug (noticed client-side on multiplayer)
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When starting a night mission in multiplayer (as client, not host), the brightness is saturated (see screenshot).
The bug occurred for me client-side, but not for the host.

Note that this was tested with just 2 people: the host, and me. Not tested with more than one client, so don't know if it would occur to just one client, several, or all clients connected. {F18647}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Connect to a server with a night mission;

Might be linked with alt-tabbing, or going in the Steam overlay before starting a mission.

Additional Information

-Several debugging details-
The test mission was set on 7th july at 22:00 by the host, and the bug occurred the first attempt, and once again after aborting the first run then restarting.

The host then set the time to 13:00, no visual bug occurred then.
The host then set the time back to 22:00, and the bug was gone.

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There are a couple of posts related to the NVGs, are you using those?

There was no NVG, we were civilians with guns.

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Duplicate of #5843

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