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[Feature Request] "Pick Camo" as new unit parameter
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In editor instead of having to use script to manually change camouflage texture or making new unit that will have name Rifleman [Khaki or any other camo pattern] - Cannot you just make another Combobox that will basically edit texture to desired camouflage pattern? It will change camouflage of everything - clothes, armor, backpack and weapon. Or If you could do better - make ability to set it up separetely. It will make modding much easier as you won't have to make tons of unit variants with each camo pattern. It's really minor, but always nice to have.


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One thing I'd like to add to this: What about the ability to get an "empty unit" equip it, give it a name and then save it so that you can place it in the editor later, I think it would make modding so much easier.

I'd expand it even further and include in the editor an ability to set up a whole unit's inventory. Not only camouflage, but also weapon type, additional items, magazines amount, type of uniform and vest, face maybe etc.

Add to that an option to save your own equipment "variants". Then adding ordinary riflemen and changing them to your preferred setup could be done in 3 simple steps: add a unit and open it like you do it now, select variant, accept change.

With the new inventory system, custom units could be distributed as variants instead of whole troops. They all are men, just with different uniforms and weapons afterall. I like having many mods active at the same time and scrolling through ALL of them, just to find that one special operator variant was a pain in Arma 2.

Editing entire unit's inventory is on developers' wishlist.

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Covered by #958.