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call stack for script errors
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it would be amazing if possible to show a call stack on script errors, rather than just file, error, linenumber if you could provide a command line switch that would cause the debug log to show a trace of the last few executed lines in the last few files. just dreaming.


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Or a remote debugger for script/mods/missions, if you're going to dream dream big right?

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Isn't it the same thing that the -showScriptErrors command does ? (referring to ArmA2, not sure if available in ArmA3)

unfortunately no, a call stack would show not only the file/error/line (like -showscripterrors, or the rpt logs) but also the previous callers so you would know what called the script that errored as well

it's possible to add debug info to create your own trace of sorts, I was just thinking it would be convenient of there was a built in method

I got your point :)

Then, upvoting this.
I do agree that it may shorten the analysis time needed to find the damn error source while making missions and mods :)

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I agree this would be very nice.

However, I do have my doubts it would be easy to implement. That it is not in there already, probably means that they do not have a way to get the call stack atm in the engine. But that is just my guess.

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There is a experimental debugger:
It can automatically halt the game on script Error. And provides a callstack and script variables set on each level of the callstack.
Which seems to be exactly what you want.
It is implemented in which adds a nice GUI.