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Intermediate poses are not synchronized correctly in multiplayer
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When switching between poses using the stance adjust key, other players will see the player switching between stand/crouch/prone before going into the final intermediate stance.


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Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Play at least 2 people on a server.
  2. One player changes stances using the stance adjust key.
  3. Other player will experience the first player crouching and proning between stances.
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Didn't experience this issue in 40 Hours of MP missions (3 players at least).
Any lag when it did occour ?

You just think you didn't experience it, because it's always 100% reproducable, regardless of ping and connection.

This was performed on a LAN network.

It's not for me and my clan mates, man.. we went testing this for something like 30 minutes in our private internet server, 4 players, inside buildings, outside in the open, trying all the different stances (yes we take the testing part of the alpha quite seriously) and we always see each other in the current stance

Of course you see one another in the current stance. They are synchronized, but they switch to crouch/prone before entering the stance.

Look at the video.

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Ugly bug confirmed

This is still very much an issue.

1½ years later, still an issue.

It's fixed - I've checked it right in MP. All stance changes are directly the correct ones. Ticket can be closed.

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