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Units bodies hover in mid-air when killed on top of structures
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If players or AI units are killed when they are on top of a building or structure, the physics engine does not place them on the surface but leaves them hovering in mid-air (see attached images in zip file). {F18632} {F18633}


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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

Place a Blufor player unit on the ground near a structure, place an Opfor unit on the structure using setpos to place him on the structure and not inside it, take away the Opfor ammo so he can't shoot you, then kill him, often the unit will un-realistically spring up into the air and then fall a bit, but then stop in mid air.

Additional Information

To prove this is not a cause of using setpos to place the unit on top of the structure, you can reverse the roles of player and enemy unit and climb the stairs or ladder onto the structure and let him shoot you, the same physics error will leave the player unit hovering in mid-air.

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I am able to reproduce this.

I have added a new screenshot, notice the player model kneeling is still not actually touching the surface.

Firstly, since A3 is a Steam game I recommend using the Steam client picture part so people dont need to download and virus scan just for a image.


On the issue though I think this has something to do with Germany regional thing were they removed the ability for bodies to be moved after death (law thing). So Physx cuts out after x milliseconds. Bodies roll down stairs, to a point until they just stop despite gravity etc. So they dont fall to the ground on top of buildings right away, because they fall up and the animation is shut off before they hit the ground.

To see the stuck thing. Shoot a AI and try to manipulate hes body after hes dead regardless of where it is. After the few milliseconds you cant.

In other words extending the rag doll timer might fix this issue.

I can confirm from my initial tests that this issue is now fixed in version 0.74.108135

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