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NLAW and RPG-42 should be disposable
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The NLAW is disposable in real life and I assume the RPG-42 would be too, this has been done in many mods in previous games in the series and I think it should be standard in this one.


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well bis already did the "caseless because future" thing, maybe that's their explanation for this too.

where's the line in the sand? should we model existing weapons the same as they currently are or should there be allowed some creative license.

this is the crux of the anti-scifi argument. once you go scifi, you no longer have to conform to real life. and this is damaging for something like arma.

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They are still realistic, they aren't that bloody scifi. Do you see lasers and space fighters everywhere?

I'm opening a ticket for lasers. I mean, we almost have them now, so why not in Arma 3?

But really, it's the future. Give them some space to work. Focus the realism on things like self-flipping vehicles and pistol damage.

Pistol damage would just be changing a number in a file and self-flipping vehicles would just be modifiying a few physics things. I highly doubt that those two things would be so taxing they can't work on any other issue.

I can't believe you guys wouldn't want this sort of thing in a milsim, it would also mean you don't have to carry around rockets and that the launcher will be less buggy (I've picked up enemy launchers that were empty despite never being fired and they didn't have a single shot on them)

Dont forget, this may be the future but it isnt "that" far into the future so i dont see lasers as a weapon just yet.

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My suggestion for you is to stop carrying multiple rounds for the launcher and drop the tube after the first shot. Problem solved.

The M136 worked the same way in ArmA2 which was in the present, fortunately ACE fixed it. If a launcher is disposable now, it will be disposable 20 years from now on, so upvoted.

Well the launcher would be disposable anyways. The NLAW is a real launcher.

Dupe of #2213 on the NLAW part. RPGs have always been reloadable - why should the RPG-42 be different? Denied.