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You cant crawl fast as a civillian
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As the title says, you cant crawl fast as a civillian.


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Lay down as a civillian, then try to crawl fast.

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why should you, you are a civilian, not a soldier...

Everyone can crawl fast, that just doesn't make any sence

to post above me ^

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 1:19 PM

it would look strange. the psychology of a civilian is different from a soldier which would dictate their behavior. a civilian would have no reason to crawl fast. they would just get up and run.

i also think it's strange how civilians hold and shoot weapons like soldiers.

to be honest civilians should have different weapon and movement behaviors. different animations. but bis likely does not have time for this.

Agreed. The way that a soldier crawls is actually something that they are taught. It's not really intuitive to a civilian.

i'm sure civilians will act exactly like soldiers in final version of game because bis lazy sob want us modders to make the game for them.

want realistic animations? go rent a mocap studio and make them cause we spent all our time doing crap like dance animations. i bet 50 pecent of the time they spent in the mo cap studio is stupid shit like dancing and sitting around.

Voted up. Whether you are a civilian or a soldier when the shooting starts I think that's incentive enough to evolve the ability to move fast and low.

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Crawling prone is a completely different beast from crawling on your hands and knees and requires a good deal more bodily strength to be able to do well.

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as intended. Thank you for your feedback.