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AI update to allow smoother more realistic CQB performance
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The AI in Arma 3 instantly looks smoother and crisper however when in close to mid rage engagements meny of the old AI problems pop up almost exactly as in Arma and Arma 2. For example,

  • AI skill should be less influential in determaning a shooters effective range and instead should be based more heavly on the weapon and sights being used.
  • Men in grassless fields or on hard top dont run for eny sort of cover when when combat commences they drop in there spot.
  • AI need to have a way of automatically and passively orienting where an AI scans targets more often based on importance or where combat may come from giving the AI increased Awareness using battlefield enviormentals such as audio, visual, and radio contacts to prioritise the AIs attension to the proper places quicker, and so they dont spend that extra fraction of a second looking at a box or a wall a foot in front of them. Combat Sence.
  • AI need to clear corners better/quicker.
  • AI should take much longer to find a shooter far away then one close.
  • In CQB AI need to automatically make effective use of cover in relation to incomming fire so the Player doesnt have to babysit each of 10 guys into a place where they can be effective in combat without being highly exposed to gun fire.
  • AI need more detailed cover locations to prevent them from firing through there cover and being combat ineffective.
  • AI Need to attempt to stay off roads when firing possibly move to take up position behind cover before firing at a target
  • AI need some sort of rudimentry threat assessmet system to keep AI from shooting the less imidiately threatening target(IE whos looking at me whos not).
  • AI need to be spookable under certant behavior and enviorment conditions in CQB to represent blowing open doors or walls and catching people off guard for that all so important extra second that might be less if you kick a door down.
  • AI need to shoot on the move more often when given the proper circumstances.
  • AI need to be more aware of where theyre standing when theyre healing someone, and need to be able to get to a soldier within 30 feet of them in less then 60 seconds every time.
  • Player Squadleaders need to be able to Garrison a building with an AI squad, do it smoothly quickly, and be able to defend it.
  • AI need to have better recognition of Building corners,Doors, Windows, Gates, Allys, new objects/areas needing to be scan.
  • The ability for AI to be able to recognize a threat on another team member and call off when exiting a building or comming around a corner with friendlies on the other side would be nice but im not holding my breath.
  • A way for Players to fine tune their squads general overall behavior with something like a football play board in the profile editor BEFORE combat starts. This would allow the player to define custom squad formations what they want their AIs default actions and positions to be when confronted with how to enter an ally, building, exiting water,clearing corners other tasks as such. It could also be utillized to control the tactical positioning and use of vehicles in squads(IE do i want to use this truck im my squad for making cover for the troops or roll behind the troops or in the middle).But it would have to be dynamic for squad size so yeah.


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think everyone will agree the AI needs alot of work, though it is somewhat better than Arma2.

for the most part, first reaction is to go prone and make yourself a smaller, harder to hit target when you take fire. That is almost a rule i think, but it works regardless. The AI is programmed for that.

I would say ducking for cover would only be priority if it is less than 5 meters away, more than that and you are just too exposed for anyone who is a good shot. I go by a 3 step rule, duck for cover every 3 steps, and repeat till you get to decent cover.

other issue I have found with AI are their priorities, for one when doing the infantry showcase, if the AI goes over the north hill to the otherside, an AI team mate will persue him none the less, leaving the rest of the team one man short, and also he is most likely to die making he's way up the hill. When an enemy is out of sight for a period of time, the AI should change priority on target to one that actually is a threat.

secondly also found when i engage with an enemy fire, at times when i duck behind cover, the AI knows I am there, but once he takes fire from my team mates 100 meters back down the valley, they change their priority, which is retarded because I am less than 10meters away, I should be a bigger threat. The AI should instead be falling back and looking for cover when he is being engaged from multiple angles and distances, putting priority one targets depending on value, the more dangerous first to the closest.

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Ya the AI need a threat reacognition system of some sort I mean Ive seen AI run out into the middle of a street currently in the prosess of being destroyed by gunfire and stand in the open slowly start scanning for enemies and dies in the process. If I dont tell every one of my squad members where to go and then where to look when im being surrounded my entire team will get taken out by one man weaver stance in the middle of an intersection no joke. Ive seen AI stare blindly down the street while enemies are running down the block to there left or right shoot at them, have tracer rounds fly past my AI squad members face and my squad member just keeps looking down the street in front of him or recognizes theres a threat and gets in the middle of the street to combat it!!
I have squad command buttons memorized i can even use them dispite most of the squad commands not currently showing what they are and it still takes to long for me to set up my squad especially when I know i might have to move at any moment which is why the AI needs Dynamic cover usage and when i do take the time to set up my squad half the time the object they are supost to be using as cover which to a human would be cover is to much of an obstruction for the AI so they just cover the rear basicly. Also when im moving and they are following they have a habit of running around a corner into combat because the game says thats where theyre supost to be in formation...

I mean a lot of good important UI features were added but the AI in this game is far more essential then in a game like battlefield 2 or CoD and should be given far more attension as such... and i know how hard AI is especially in a game like this but im constantly seeing artifacts from arma and arma 2 every time i play with bots stuff that was wrong then that really isnt any better now and its obvious that building technology increased what with interiors and all but theres no real AI enhancement to go along with it. currently right now the AI is slightly better then Arma 2 With tons of AI mods

also AI bunch up on each other very easly in CQB, and AI should have the ability to say for instance see 2 soldiers one of which is faced the other way and next to him one facing in sorta the direction of the Shooter AI, and be able to determain he needs to shoot the one who might shoot him first... it comes up alot in big CQB battles.

thumbs up, but i also think AI is still way too hard, for being on "regular". They spot you very easily even if you are sitting in bushes or at mid-night with a black diver suit in the ocean by a storm-.- their shooting is also etreme accurate.

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there effective ability to find someone goes up substancially when your farther out. I think alot of it is the AI scan back and forth and at long range there cone of view is alot higher then when in close and probably because of the way the AI is programmed if they make the AI scan to fast theyll pick up everyone everywhere but if they scan to slow you can just get up close to them and they wont see you all day. Im not sure but thats the impression I always got cus once an AI sees you even a very low skilled AI will waist you swiftly once they finally see you and comming up behind them doesnt scare them or inhibit there shooting it just keeps them from missing it might work if the way AIs scanned was overhauled to have the AI view in range incriments cus real people are never looking at the prity bench right in front of them and the hikers on the mountain in the distance at the same time

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While i think that it still needs work A has improved sooooo much.
You have a point but you should take a look at this and TPWC's AI Suppression System

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Today I had an AI squad member walk off the airfield dock while I was walking past it with my squad in Vee formation. Im sorry i dont have a picture but Im going to send a separate report this is just to prove a point.

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I do think the AI makes better use of cover already then in A2. They are also more nasty with flanking, had a couple of occasions where the AI surprised me and found myself more ore less surrounded and pinned down (was pretty cool).

yeah me too lol definately the AI in this game work better but like sometimes they just do things that seize up the action and the things that do it are big things like when my troops cluster up in each other next to the wall instead of stacking up, or my men will deside to walk around just the corner i didnt want them too and im very very good at the squad command controls and its still hard or sometimes impossible to make your squad precisely move where you want them in cqb like all down the same ally or through buildings when you have to often get to the end of a building into an ally and you have to clear it yourself or do all the commands it takes to make your men face the right places direction and shoot. if they automatically cleared corners when told them to go to one id be so happy and even better if they kept better watch on areas they just ingaged troops from.

just i wanna be able to play this game single player and get the feeling i do when i play online so if i felt like it i could just play tactical strategy games all day in the map editor like i love doing and feel like im commanding troops not like playing laser tag with gerbles not completely aware of whats going when it comes to enything but shooting through trees and wide spaces

and it would help online as well feeling like were fighting real people

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today in arma i saw an AI shoot himself lol

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had an AI get stuck on a wall today

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just had 1 of my AI squad members accidently shoot two of my other squad members in the back

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In an interview a dev said there is no other way to do. They just can change a few variables, but that doestn bring the improvment we all want.

They should focus on enemy AI. A "good" AI is anyway unreachable, but a "acceptable" enemy AI would be very important.

AI doesn't need to be completely rewritten, i would think adding more variables could make them act and react better in circumstances, though that would probably up the over head on the resources.

So they can simplify and dumb down AI perhaps like the LOD in graphics atty a distance where you don't engage them. For example they would not react individually, but as a group, very static and basic. So a group AI can be computed as a single unit, at distant, and when closer, like based on your clutter distance, and closer enemies within the clutter distance could then start operating as single units.

I'm not a programmer or anything, but I assume that can be done, if not all ready to esse out the stress on overhead for AI?

An acceptable enemy is all I ask for. I understand that any AI is incredibly complex and in a game where they basicly have to be able to make real time decisions in a real world its a nightmare but right now the biggest thing holding this game back is the AI because in a game where your always fighting AI they just don't put up a realistic fight. All I know is I'm not the best programmer but I am surrounded by people 30 to 40 years older then I am who have bin programming and designing hardware since the 50s/60s and the one thing they always told me is there is always more then one way of doing something the right way in programming the trick is to have the most elegant way, Complexity from simplicity. The people who get big awards and stuff are the people who don't say you cant do that, theyre the ones who come up with the simplest idea so simple everyone overlooked it. I know I have my ideas which I haven't really outlined very well compared to whats in my head but ultimately it will up to the ArmA devs to figure something out cus the AI might even stay viable to most people through all of ArmA 3 into ArmA 4 but the model they base there AI off of right now is going to become obsolete its time for some thinking out of the box. And I guarantee you if they pull something incredible off with there AI everyone will notice even people who don't play arma.

Wow... Do that speech was so motivational, they assigned it almost immediately... I need to do similar speeches to get some things done....

I just have a personal interest in it cus i spend more time in the editor then i have online or playing campaign and ive to deal with the same AI problems for so long i know them like the back of my hand and every time i play they stand out like a sore thumb and i completely destroy the immersion

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