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[Suggestion] Make units shot in leg limp
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This is actually in VBS2. And as ArmA 3 now animates each part of body separately it shouldn't be huge problem.
Would be nice small feature to have - but still so awesome.


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  1. Get shot in leg
  2. You should be able to limp instead of crawling on the floor

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I thought you already become slower, just the animation might not fit yet.

Yeah, here we talk about animation.

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yes change walking anims if leg/legs wounded as in vbs, fc3, bf3

This should be expanded more than just limping when shot in the leg. I already commented about it on a different report but I will again.

How many people can take a bullet and keep on standing straight & shooting like a boss? Sure when its you ingame you can see your character in pain, but whenever I shoot someone else it looks like he just got a small scratch that he can barely feel.. until I shoot him 10 secs later and he drop dead. Id really love to see some wounded animations.

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