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Triggers activate when not supposed to
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Ok, so I have created a trigger and grouped in to the player team (bluefor) and set the condition to 'any group member' 'present'. The trigger will still activate when no group member is present.

If I redo the same trigger again and group it again, it does work. Seems to be random that the trigger gets activated while not supposed to.


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Steps To Reproduce

place a player group
create a trigger
group the trigger to the player group and set activation to 'any group member - present'
sometimes the trigger will activate when the group is not present in the trigger.

Once that happens it will stay that way and you have to redo (create) a new trigger (and delete the bugged trigger) with the same settings and hope it will work properly the next time.

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Edit to add: that this only happens when you add to the condition "local player"
With "this" in the condition it is fine.

I have a similar problem...

Steps to reproduce :

Create a trigger grouped whith a team. Choose "Not present" "Once" and in Activation "Whole Group".

In condition : "THIS"

On Act. : something like : "groupdead = true"

In effet choose "Alarm" in Trigger, in order to test the trigger.

Place the group outside the trigger zone.

Sometimes it will ring the alarm, sometimes not... it looked completely random. I tried to modify the size of the trigger zone (axe A adn axe B), the shape (rectangle, ellipse), the place... I did not find why it doesn't work...

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B00tsy, if you do not include "this" in the condition field, the trigger activation options are not being used...

you add to the condition "local player"

^^ that is the problem, you need condition to "this" or it will ignore the present/not present etc. options

Well in that case they should make that possible, cos now when you want to get a hint pop up appear (or something else for all players) to all players and thus use the condition ' local player' when a player steps in to the trigger it is not working, it activates when no player is present even though the trigger is grouped to the player team "present". I am far from an expert scripter, but for my logic a trigger should not activate in that condition.

Now I get hte complaint in some of my missions that not all players will see all the hints or hear all the music etc, when they activate a trigger (wih "this") as condition.

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B00tsy, it is possible, but this is not the place to discuss. This report seems to be Arma3 triggers not behaving as a user might expect, rather than any actual problem.

brunova1807, I am unable to reproduce the issue you describe. Please provide simple repro mission.

yeah this is far from major/high priority bug, I suggest you guys go on to the ARMA forums and ask these questions there. this is more of a "I don't understand how to use triggers" topic

ryan instead of being an elitist snob you could have just posted a constructive answer that would actually helped me. Yes I am not scripting wonder like some of you, I am mainly interested in mission design and not scripting. The wiki part does not help me all that much, just the opposite. In the end it is BIS that have added a difficult unintuitive editor that requires you to be an IT specialist to get all your ideas working properly. Also does not help that things that work in SP does not work in MP. So exqueeze me for not being an elitst scripter, I have other talents.

im no scripting wonder, this just isn't a major game breaking bug, do as I suggested and you will get much more help
make this thread in that forum and you will get a lot more help
it takes time to learn the more advanced aspects of the editor

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What you describe is not a bug, please re-check your condition:

this && local player

Where "this" is the trigger properties condition.

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Seems to have been a misunderstanding.

Closing as no bug.