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"House 1 [small inhabited] v2" Doorway occlusion/clipping problem looking outside
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Looking out of open doorway of long corridor. Outside distant objects are clipped out until very close to doorway. (House with blue trim)

See video

EDIT: Clipping happens with other external door as well.


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Steps To Reproduce

Open outside door at end of corridor.
Facing outside walk towards doorway from back of corridor and observe outside objects.

Additional Information

This happens with all instances of this building.
GTX580 latest drivers. (same thing happened with older drivers)
All Alpha versions including current: 53.103798

Second video from duplicate ticket:

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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Will you be looking at this issue with the other buildings affected, listed in my ticket?

(since this only talks about one building)

We'll look at all buildings. This looks like a general issue.

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Same issue as #3664, basically a dupe. I'll leave this open and let the devs decide what to do with it.

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