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Add rappel Ropes and Grapple ropes to climb cliffs
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*Change how mortars work instead of needing 2 bags to put on the ground make it so its one mortar so it can be easily deployed without trying to get it to work for 10 minutes also will reduce mess.

*It would be good to have Rappel Ropes to Rappel off from helicopters as well As grapple hooks to Aid climbing up cliffs and tall buildings.


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*Crashing in Rocks at low speeds kills soldiers in the vehicle

*Fences don't blow up when throwing grenades at them so that will need to be fixed

Mortars are a pain in the bum -Needing two back packs dropped on the floor is ridiculous why not make it so mortars are just one back back and withot needing to spam the ground with back backs just trying to get a mortar to work.

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Duplicate of #6141

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This is four separate issues.

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In that case, closing because you're supposed to make one ticket per issue. Putting multiple issues in a single ticket helps no one.

I'm also pretty sure some (or all) of these have already been reported, so please search before posting.