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Reload form backpack
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I find that reloading a mag form backpack is as fast as it came from vest or belt,I don't think it's realistec.Whether slow down the reloading speed form backpack,and make it selectable from action menu;or just disable the reloading from backpack--you must put the mag into your vest or shirt before you can reload them to a gun.


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Select a character with a backpack,put all mag into his vest or shirt and reload the gun.Then try put all the mag into his pack and reload,see the time for reload is the same.

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You should not be able to load from the backpack, you should have to first take them out of your pack and put them into your vest.

+1, either forbid reloading from the backpack or add a severe time delay time delay.

Forbid completely. In order to use a mag, you should manually put it into the vest, like it was in Arma2OA.

I Agree. Further down the road i would like to see a short animation played whenever i take something out of the backpack into the vest.

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