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Interrupt treating
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I seem to notice that you can not stop once you've started to heal a teammate. With the consequence that creates two very easy targets instead of one .. You can not add the ability to interrupt the treatment to defend themselves and then begin it? maybe even from scratch or with a complication.


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I agree. I was once in a heated close quarters battle and got wounded. As I was patching myself up, I came under fire from an enemy soldier who was less than a few meters away from me. I died, because I could not stop healing and return fire.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Also by interrupting healing process when a team mate leaves near you. We are wasting precious time and exposing us during a fight healing only air.

Sometimes the self-treatment should be interrupted in the game, but this is not happening. The game continues the animation, it looks stupid and not realistic.

  1. The player must be able to abort the self-treatment, upon request, at any time.
  2. Any enemy impact(bullets-hits,explosion-impact and etc), during self-treatment, also should abort this self-medication.

There are reasons to interrupt at the request of the player:

  1. When a player heals itself and suddenly under enemy fire, he can do nothing, because the game continues the animation of self-medication!

Animation of self-medication continues and the player can only watch as the enemy shoots his and can do nothing!
This is great nonsense, because human can't heal himself, when it hit the enemy bullets!

  1. Sometimes in the heat of battle the player by mistake can activate self-treatment (space-button of action by default) and again can't stop it in any way! In this case the medical package can be is used up, or even player can be killed.


I think should be so:

The player should be able to interrupt the self-treatment independently, upon request, at any time, using any movement or other action.
Any enemy impact(bullets-hits, explosion-impact and etc), during self-treatment, should abort this self-medication, because upon get of damages, man cannot heal yourself. This is not realistic!
Any self-treatment, which was aborted more than 50 % of the treatment-time should be spent one medical package.
Any aborted self-treatment, which was not 100% complete, should not to treat the player.

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With the new Apex healing system you can interrupt afaik.

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"new Apex healing system" - what this?

@shukari It seems that we are talking about different things. I do not see any relationship. I'm talking only about ability of interruption the treatment action.

@Astaroth, it's resolved since Apex Expension. Ticket can be closed.

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