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Messed graphic when alt-tabing at night missions after patch
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After recent patch alt tab to desktop and back to game causes me inverted or overall messed graphic excluding GUI elements. Turning NV on and off fix the problem. I included screen. {F18490} {F18491} {F18492} {F18493} {F18494} {F18495}


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Set up night mission in editor. Do not turn your NV on. AlT-TAB to destkop. Get back in arma.

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happened to me aswell, upvoted!

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Hey thanks, more people reported this by now and maybe before me too so it should be ok. It´s very annoying in wasteland when you dont have NV to fix it.

3 more screens added.

I spend some time troubleshooting as it happens frequent, and re-appairs also after server restart (dedicated) or client restart.

Happened when:
Playing in MP at around game-time 20:30
Playing without the use of NVG

What does NOT work to remove the effect:

  • open & close map
  • use & dis-use binoculars
  • again alt-tab
  • open & close inventory
  • go in or out vehicles

What does reset situation to normal:

  • activate & deactivate NVG

Settings: 1920x1080 HD high\ultra on Radeon 7950 boost 3gb (stable branch)

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Duplicate of #5529