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Allow people to be thrown from automobiles.
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In automobile crashes and explosions, allow people inside to be thrown from the car completely.


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Likes in Flat Out series :), with current Ragdoll physics it will be looks very great and funny :)

Kol9yN, exactly. Or like in GTA IV! ;-)

Imagine a fully-loaded chopper or airplane crashing, and the people being thrown out.

old WIP example :)

if devs not implement it :(, we will try to make it in addon

So, Devs please do it

Here need and moto/atv throwout,
I think need to bind with other similar tickets

Thanks for the video, Kol9yN. At least we know it's possible. Cheers! :-)

Needs to be something that can only happen on certain vehicles I think.

I can't imagine anybody would get thrown out of a vehicle like the Hunter or Ifrit when they have a five-point safety harness on all the seats and armoured glass keeping them from being thrown through the wind-shield. The safety harnesses alone are pretty good, even in open-cockpit vehicles: how often do you see Formula 1 drivers being thrown from their vehicles wearing those sorts of harnesses, even in 100mph+ impacts?

Can fully understand it for things like the quad-bikes and open gunner's stations on top of vehicles, and possibly civ cars with less secure seating. Though in real life, something like 3/4 of cases where a person is ejected from a vehicle in the road accident it's because they weren't wearing a seatbelt. Might be easier to just consider that Arma 3 civs are safety-conscious and belt-up properly ;)

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da12th, they are not the same, in the F1 cars they use a 5 points titanium expensive harness seat belt system, in civilian cars they use an i think iron 2/3 point seat belts, dunno about military vehicles, but i thinkg the jeeps and HMMVEES dont have seat belts at all, but yeah, i'd love to... i dont know, throw myself off of a car before falling off a cliff?

This needs to be in the game. Especially for the quad-bikes just to make them more realistic.

@Dr Death

I was on about military vehicles w/r/t the 5-point harnesses - I did mention later that I thought it might be okay in civvy vehicles with more simplistic 2-point lap-belt or 3-point cross-belt harnesses.

True enough that in the past, not many military vehicles had seat-belts, but operational experience in places like Afghanistan and Iraq has brought about a major change in how important secure seating inside military vehicles is perceived.

There's an article covering some of the improvements to crew restraint that were made of HMMWVs during the course of the Iraq war:

But as you see, on newer vehicles like the MATV (Hunter in Arma 3), 4/5-point harnesses have been sought to offer even greater protection

In my experience with the UK's military vehicle fleet, 4/5-point harnesses are now the norm on new military vehicle designs and regularly form part of the safety upgrades of older military vehicles.

In the UK we've even ditched bench seating in the back of trucks in favour of what have been dubbed "rollercoaster seats" that feature a roll-cage and 4-point harness, such is our current obsession with keeping occupants secure in the event of an accident or explosion.

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thinking about GTA with that "crash-to-fly" model + ragdol :D VOTED UP

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Jun 3 2013, 6:33 PM

da12th, thanks for your info, but are you sure the US does the same? you know how the US military force may be, most of the time they just focus on making the cheapest thing available

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Fank added a comment.May 13 2014, 1:17 PM

This will a very nice feature for RPG mods like Altis life.
Up voted!

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Kolby added a comment.May 13 2014, 3:22 PM

Many thanks for this information!
I personally find this a very nice thing.