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More dangerous environment in water
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Is it possible to make more dangerous environment ? I mean sharks,octopus,jellyfish,crocodiles.

All of them could give diffrent types of damage,electric damage etc.


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Ever done some scuba diving in the Mediterranean?
There isn't too much hazardous life I can tell you (I've visited the Greek archipelago several times).

And crocodiles? Electrical damage?
Are you serious?

jellyfish - electric shock ;)

I have done scuba diving in Medtirrenean.

crocodile maby I have watched too much Hollywood movies ;).


@BlackLord its OT, but that made my day ^^

Giant octopus!

Cayman added a subscriber: Cayman.May 7 2016, 1:12 PM

So forgive me this crocodile but this animal is very popular in Mediterranean Sea.


Can't find a sentence that mentions electrical damage..
And the drysuit is gonna protect you from the stings (unless you grab it and rub it in your face).

If you still want hazardous life, I'd go for these (cause there's a SHITLOAD of them on the cliffs):

The muraena isn't very common either, and it's not gonna bite you unless you smack it or something...

I think you've watched too many movies..

Cool feature ;)

Im all for Sharktopus!

Honestly the only dangerous thing i could think of would be some directional and strong current in the water. So swimming or diving might be dangerous at some areas along the coastline. This would also make the incooperation of underwater vehicles more usefull, for landing operations. At best the mission designers could add these currents.

I think you will find many examples..

like this ->

          -> (crazy one)

could be implemented into the stanigma of divers as they have to work harder against a current.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 1:12 PM

Please NO Jellyfishes! this creature is verry anoying and visually shocking,

Important fact proffed by scinetic statistics, 80% of humans in world CANT watch on jellyfishes and feal shock and physical stress!

I will stop play Arma if this shit be added in game, FFFUUUUUU

Please NO Jellyfishes! :(

But fishes, mantas, etc. be good

Aren't enemy divers dangerous enough for you ?
Stop diving solo in the editor and get your ass in a mission :P

I do think the enemy should be throwing in anti swimmer grenades. And depth charges. taht would make it very dangerous and realistic. Upvote for sharks at least. but sharks are not that dangerous to divers as they are to swimmers. Unless your bleeding......

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I don't think this game should be about surviving instead of advanced military combat. Therefore disagree.

tyl3r99 added a subscriber: tyl3r99.May 7 2016, 1:12 PM

add some sharks in known areas!!! :P as its the Mediterranean

Beware the Dreaded Sea Urchins!

+1 Piercing damage if not wearing footwear.

Running in your underwear isnt as funny anymore now is it?!

MadDogX added a subscriber: MadDogX.May 7 2016, 1:12 PM

Sharks have already been requested (#1935), so this is classified as a dupe. Any realistic suggestions for other aquatic animals can be added to the other ticket.