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addRating -5000 is no longer persistent after respawns, it seems. Change from arma 2 behavior.
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In arma 2, i created a free-for-all deathmatch. NO TEAMS, 10 players. Everyone was a civilian, so to get the score counter to count kills as kills instead of negative kills or as friendly fire, i had to addRating -5000 in every players init. Then we all kill eachother, and we respawn, and we kill again. All kills count as enemy kills, thus the deathmatch works.

I ported this over to arma 3. blufor players, all with -5000 rating. the FIRST KILL works as an "enemy kill" despite the fact that every player is a blufor. the second kill, however, does not work. once he respawns, it appears the rating is reset and the next kill is a -1 so i'm back to no kills. However, when i test against just AI with nobody connected, it works properly just like it did in arma II.

This kills the deathmatch. {F18482}


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see attached file--- there is a Chenarus Deathmatch, for arma 2, which uses addRating in the init and is persistent after respawn when you play against another real person in the DM.

then there is the Agia Marina Stratis Deathmatch...that one is for arma3, obviously, and is an exact re-creation of the deathmatch. play with another player in MP, and you'll see that your first kill is positive, but your second is negative. the rating is only making them an enemy until after they die.

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Note: it works properly when i play against AI blufors in this deathmatch. it only breaks when AI is disabled and i'm playing actual multiplayer with real people connected as the blufors.

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I saw same issue in my DM mission too. Sometimes scores go up and down, only down... Can it be a consequence of hacking? As I have no problem when I test my mission with AI and I have that problem sometimes with players after a connection issue (Red link)

Nothing changed with ratings set in init fields, respawning preservers the negative value as intended.
Unable to reproduce, the attached Podank_AgiaMarinaDM_Small mission works fine.

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