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Need of a feature list for the full game
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You will get much less anoyed by on this feature and reports if you state in a clear and centralised list:
-What you want the full game to do.
-What in the alpha will not be moving at all (with the hypothesis that it's not bugged).


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  1. Open word.
  2. Start writing!
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Could be pretty usefull for us.
For instance, I was about to ask for the glass to break in a feature when you released the update that made it break!

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I agree! Keeping us in the dark about this when we already have content, is pointless! Just tell us what is likely to come! Maybe there won't be 2000 duplicate threads when it's all said and done then. I especially want to know about a climb feature! I need to know if it's even worth my time to be on this feedback tracker. If something is out of he question tell us, and then maybe i'll know whether the finished product is going to be something i will even want to play. If there aren't going to be more features and animations added, let me just stop waisting my time. If there will be some NEW GOOD features added (especially the climb) then i might find it worth my time to do more reporting. But on a side note, if we aren't gonna get new stuff then we don't need to be lead to believing we might. I'm mad enough about the lack of developer feedback. I just refuse to believe that they don't know what is going to happen already. Especially since it is supposed to be out this year, which seems unlikely at the pace these bugs are being fixed.

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Features aren't set in stone, so there won't be a fixed list. Don't worry about reporting something that may or may not already be planned.

Just make sure not duplicate any existing feature requests.