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Feature -Weapon: Tactical Shield
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Tactical shield for cqb <- please make it in a lot better quality

Tactical shield very useful in cqb and house clearing situations


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you can use Shield with pistol or light smg likes mac-10, micro uzi, pp-2000, short shotgun

can be placed in AT slot

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Could be a nice addon for urban fights or indoor fights (indoor might not happen alot) but +1 for the urban tactical advantage

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Wold be AWESOME!!! Thank you, waiting so much in Beta or in Final realise or in next planed dlc ;)
Its change some situations of gameplay in more interesting moments and add lot of new tactical abilities and variations, We belive - you Can! :)

A tactical shield would be extremely helpful now that we can fight inside more due to the removal of blocky and sticky (ie getting stuck every foot) play.

Snipedhunter lot of players dont want to download curve-handmaded addons by low-skilled momboys.
If BIS want to be a perfect shooter and simulation devs, they must made it by self inside game...
But/or use addonmakers realise as reference... ;)

@Kol9yN are being harsh on addon-makers.
Me don't like


..i agree i DON'T want to always have to download anything considered "Standard equipment" as separate addon.
At least an (cheap estimation follows..)60-75% public players wouldn't use addons
in MP.
Of course that means i won't be able to use _this or a..Flashbang (FFS!) a casual public game..

I would expect riot shields to be used by the police BIS plans for the full game.

I would like to see a good police simulation because the Militery has to deal with police in real life and work with them.

So, BIS said they're looking into it right?
2 Years now didn't see anythign like a RIOT Shield.

Is the Idea cancled or not?



Ticket can be closed, as it's not a bug/issue, but a request. Or move it to Wishlist.

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