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Weapon and Item selection during briefing
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In all previous Arma games it was possible to choose the weapons, magazines and items during the briefing using a description.ext file in the mission.


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Use this code in the description.ext and try to select the weapon in MP mode. There isn't even a button for weapon selection yet.

class Weapons
	class arifle_SDAR_F
		count = 3;

class Magazines
	class 30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag
		count = 100;

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This is still not working as of 9/12 and the game has been released. I would like to be able to allow players to select their own gear prior to the mission being started not wasting time picking through boxes.

This is the only forum post I could really find on it:

Okay, weapon selection is working now for CfgWeapons, cfgMagazines and cfgBackpacks ... now we need a working setup for glasses and items (uniforms, attachments, headgear) as well!

Still no item, uniform, attachments, or headgear for description.ext. Is this being worked on? Will it ever be fixed?

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This feature is only available for Campaigns. Use the Virtual Arsenal to customize the gear.

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