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Adding a freelock option just for land vehicles, under "Options > Game > Vehicle Freelook"
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In relation to "issue" 0002742 and 0000136, please add third option for free look just in land vehicles.
That's a very good change but I like to fly air vehicles like choppers with the mouse.
So there should maybe three options, disabled, all vehicles and only land vehicles.


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-.- i thought it would be self-evident that this option is for landvehicles only... well, i guess i was wrong. so please add an option to restrict it to land vehicles only

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I love having the new freelook in vehicles option but I also like to control air vehicles with mouse, I would like to see a "land vehicles only" option. This has my support.

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like freelook in air. look for enemies easier

Testus added a subscriber: Testus.May 7 2016, 1:09 PM

Year, but the most of us use the mouse to control the chooper and use a key for freelook. I don't like to control the land vehicle with my mouse.

well i might see a problem in that with thinks like tanks or turrets slots? this mast then also be restricted to the driver and not gunners or even commander seats .. and this ads a bit of work ti the whole thing again .