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Cannot Find Player Team Killing within Player List
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Using "P" or Right-Shift "P", players only find the top scorers including their name tag within the player list. They cannot scroll the menu to find people team killing in order to vote kick the person.

Also tags such as "|||||||||||||][||||||||||" are difficult to type. I would suggest allowing reg exp to kick these players. "ie: *||][||*" Especially since copy paste is difficult to do unless the server has a custom copy script installed. (ie. ctrl-v)


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Likely a bug already reported, but couldn't find it with the search filter.

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I do believe I was TKed by the same player. I think the nick was chosen expressly to be difficult to kick.

I hope the current system is a placeholder - in Arma 2, one can vote from a graphical list (Map -> Server control) as well as with "#vote kick username", and this problem would be fixed completely by implementing a similar graphical voting dialogue in A3.

BCMM: I think the nick was chosen expressly to be difficult to kick.

Really? ;-)

Graphical user interfaces have many inadequacies which can be exploited via console characters, for which the Graphical Interface will display as invisible or other anomaly, which can further prevent a simple click and play option. (This cheat tactic has already been quite prevalent for the past decade within games.)

It would be really nice to open a secondary console window to monitor players instead of toggling back and forth from within only one window, having to be forced to remember long sequences of chars. (AKA: characters ;-) And, restricting such a feature to admins wouldn't be wise, as admins are not always around and players usually have more intent to catch the bastard rather than being a bastard. ;-)

In other words, Windows or Graphical Interfaces was built on command line terminals. Much like building a pyramid, hacking is very similar. Code is only as secure as the weakest link.

Long story short, we were forced to play with "|||||||||||||][||||||||||" and could only suspect somebody of TK'ing, as he was also using an exploding/crashing helicopter at base warping respawn cheat just prior to the latest stable game version being released. Ironic, Eh?

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I think it would be very handy if team-kills were shown separately from score.

Now one can scroll through all players, not only top 10 like before.
@Astaroth, it's resolved. Ticket can be closed.

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